All In One DIY Acoustic Treatment Build Plans Package

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Only $49 instead of $299.95!

There are many options for acoustic treatment on the market, but not all of them are accessible to the average person. Not every person who values supreme sound quality can afford to pay thousands of dollars for acoustic treatments. That’s why Acoustic Fields sells our DIY Acoustic Treatment Build Plans. This is the most cost-effective treatment on the market, and it actually works!

Every customer who purchases one of these bundles will also get phone time with our acoustic wizard, Dennis Foley himself! He’ll answer all your questions quickly and thoroughly. You can’t put a price on his 30-plus years of experience with acoustics. It’s just like having him in the room with you to assess your acoustic issues. But it’s much faster and cheaper!

You get:

  • 7 DIY Build Plans in one great value deal.You get a Broadband Diaphragmatic Absorber to manage your low frequency problems, Acoustic Panel plans to manage your mids and highs and 5 Sound Diffuser build plans to make your small room sound larger!
  • Each plan comes with a material and tool list, cut sheet and easy to follow step by step assembly instructions,
  • Detailed 3D graphics of each step of the building process,
  • Your solid wood BDA Bass Absorber unit (Metric & Imperial), when built, will stand 27″W x 57″H x 14 1/8″D and bass energy all the way down to 40 Hz!
  • 5 Sound Diffuser Plans included (Metric & Imperial).
  • DIY plans that are based on our $1,000+ production units!
  • Independently tested and predictable performance results,
  • Phone time with our Chief Acoustic Engineer Dennis Foley so any questions can be quickly answered,
  • Both horizontal and vertical diffusion options,
  • Lifetime Access,
  • A 100% money back guarantee!

Unmatched Value

Our DIY packages are an incredible deal. Every package contains over $1,000 of production units for a small fraction of the price. You can’t beat that! And if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results, we promise to give you your money back. You really have nothing to lose by ordering.

acoustic treatment diy plans
Mockup of a DIY Bass Absorber Bass Trap build plan

DIY Bass Absorber Build Plans

Our DIY Bass Absorbers allow you to build ample low frequency absorption to tame your room modes. This powerful low frequency absorber absorbs energy in the 40 Hz to 400 Hz range. You’ll get 75% of the performance of our production units which cost over $1,000. That’s incredible savings! These plans are lab-tested and proven to work on high rates and levels of absorption.

This same technology is worked into the designs for many professional recording studios that are being built from the ground up. But with this DIY solution, you can dramatically improve your recording studio’s acoustics no matter how old it is! This is the only solution you need to finally get the low frequency attack and decay you’ve always wanted from every instrument. At last you can treat your room with your own units and bring a beautiful symphony of instruments to life!

DIY Quadratic Diffuser Build Plans Package

Proper room diffusion is essential. Every one of our packages allows you to build your own quadratic diffuser, which is the most time-tested and proven method for diffusion. It’s used in professional recording studios all around the world!

Our All in One DIY Acoustic Treatment Build Plans Packages include DIY construction plans for QD-7, QD-11, QD-13, QD-17, and QD-23 Quadratic sound diffusers. This ensures the maximum frequency response. The units cover the following ranges:

  • QD-7 frequency response = 850 Hz. – 3,400 Hz.
  • QD-11 frequency response = 375 Hz. – 3,400 Hz.
  • QD-13 frequency response = 280 Hz. – 3,400 Hz.
  • QD-17 frequency response = 225 Hz. – 3,450 Hz.
  • QD-23 frequency response = 185 Hz. – 3,450 Hz.

You’ll have both horizontal and vertical diffusion options to fit any room.

sound diffuser diy plans
image of a Acoustic Panels DIY Plan

DIY Acoustic Panel Build Plans

DIY acoustic panels are the furniture of all music-related settings! And since our treatments are always furniture-grade, they are superior to any others you’ll find on the market. These items are foam cabinets that effectively absorb sound.

Our DIY packages allow you to create a piece of furniture with a wood stain that matches the finish on your speakers. You can choose the exact level of sound absorption that meets your unique needs. These full build drawings work with all kinds of acoustical foams! Whatever foam you choose will be covered with acoustically transparent fabric.

Our customers know that we pride ourselves in the belief that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for acoustic problems. That’s exactly why these panels are available in three different thicknesses, targeting the 125 Hz to 7,500 Hz range. You can choose the thickness that’s right for you based on your room’s size, usage, and acoustic challenges. We also provide acoustically transparent fabric in 38 colors! That means no matter how your room is decorated, you have options that will complement it.

An Easy, Effective Acoustic Treatment

You don’t have to be an acoustics expert to make this bundle work for you. It’s meant to be easy to use. The simple design and easy-to-follow instructions with 3D graphics make it easy for any to use. You don’t have to work hard to get great results. Thanks to this solution, the best sound quality is within your reach!

You can’t get such an affordable, effective solution for your acoustic problems anywhere else. And when you order from us, you’re getting acoustic treatments from the most trusted name in acoustics. Don’t wait any longer to take advantage of this amazing deal. Place your order for an all-in-one bundle today!

7 reviews for All In One DIY Acoustic Treatment Build Plans Package

  1. Jim Kearney

    Would totally recommend them to anybody looking to build their own acoustic treatment. Great stuff!!

  2. Daniel

    I built my complete acoustical treatment with this bundle and Dennis helped with positioning and choice of units along the way. Ridiculously good for this price I have to say. Would totally recommend this to anyone!

  3. grinzy levine

    top one percent eh? OK, I guess that’s me ;) and I’m here to tell you that you’re not entirely correct when you suggest that gear or rooms are the secret to success. I’ve run 3 different large studios over 30 years and mixed a million songs (my fair share of #1’s etc) in great rooms with large consoles, bus loads of O/B and “first rate” acoustics, but please don’t give all the credit to the gear and the rooms. Actually 99% of any success comes down to how you hear it, plain and simple.
    People with great rooms can still suck, sorry…

    • Dennis Foley

      G, Everything in a critical listening environment is all about balance. It is a balance between room size and speaker size. It is a balance between room usage and volume. It is a balance between noise floor and usage. It is a balance between talent and room sound. This variable, I find to be the most critical. One tries to achieve this multilayered balance within budget and location. Due to the complexity and numerous variables involved, some succeed, most do not. Well done, if you have mastered this “jungle”. I am certain your journey has been rewarding due to the effort required.

  4. Saud


    I purchased the All In One DIY Acoustic package, Since it doesn’t include a ceiling diffuser instructions. Can I use the QD – 7 build plan and use the same depth measurements but using the P – 7 dimensions – 24 × 4.5 × 24 ?

    My ceiling is 9 to 10 feet high. Also would you recommend to build a P – 7 or 11. Since I have a small room. That is around 21 x 12 Feet.

    • Dennis Foley

      S, Yes, the ceiling modules are that size. Alternate the positioning to create two dimensions of diffusion.

  5. Irving Deschamps

    This is the best bought that I made for my studio. The BDA works amazing. Is not too easy to build (probably you need help), but works very well.

  6. Dave

    My fully horn-loaded music system resides along the short wall of a 20x15ft multi use room with a high vaulted ceiling, ridgeline parallel with the short wall. Taming rear wall reflections has been a delicate ballet of listening position, speaker placement and toe-in, and tiny changes in either would make or break the soundstage. A little while ago I started binge-watching Dennis’ youtube videos and came to the conclusion the listening experience might benefit from some diffusion.

    Over the last several weeks I completed a trio of QD-13’s in Cherry and mounted them with a french cleat on the rear wall 24″ off the floor as Dennis recommends.

    I listened to a variety of recordings before and the same ones after the installation. At first I thought the difference would be subtle, but that is not the case. My efforts have been rewarded with a soundstage that is WAY more focused and holographic, and instruments and vocals seem more to occupy physical space as opposed to coming from a point source. The sweet spot is also much bigger and there’s no longer a lobing effect if I move around within it. Speaker placement is more forgiving as well, and toe-in has a more predictable behavior. And yeah, the rear will really does seem to vanish…I know it’s physics, but it seems like sorcery to me. I’m planning to build more for the front wall.

    What a bargain!

    • Dennis Foley

      D, Not sorcery, just physics. Most people will never get to hear music in a truly diffused sound field. Once heard you think how did I ever live without this all these years. Thank you for sharing.

  7. J. Gabriel

    Absolutely brilliant DIY plans! Was happy to see metric versions were included and the step by step instructions are easy to follow. Built 3 QD-13 units already. highly recommended!

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